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About George

Hello my name is George and I love cooking, eating, and sharing food with friends and family; it’s always been a passion of mine!  From a young age, I’d help my mother in the kitchen, she’s an amazing cook.  She taught me classical Greek recipes and techniques, and the rest I figured out myself by trial and error and lots of research.

My natural curiosity for food and flavor led me to explore different food cultures, including Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican, and more!  I started adjusting recipes to make them healthier and lighter, but still Delicious and full of flavor!

I used to keep my recipes in a cookbook, but I developed this site as a place for me to easily access my own recipes.  I decided to open it up to anyone that wants to explore with me!

If you want to follow my food and fitness adventures, follow me on Instagram @healthygreek !

Thank you,

George Christidis