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Blueberry Mojito


Ingredients are for 1 drink. Just scale up!

1-2 oz Coconut Rum
5-6 fresh/frozen blueberries
1 tsp simple syrup (1 part brown sugar/1 part water)
mint leaves
lime wedge
soda water


This mojito is AMAZING

1) In a shaker, add blueberries, mint leaves, simple syrup (not too much simple syrup because the coconut rum and blueberries are already sweet). Squeeze in the lime and add the wedge too.

2) With a blunt object, muddle the mixture in the shaker to bruise the mint and smash the blueberries.

3) To the shaker, add 5-6 ice cubes, the coconut rum, and a splash of soda water. Put the top on and shake vigorously.

4) Add the shaken mixture to a tall glass. Add more ice if you need. Top with soda water and pop in a straw.

Simple syrup is easier to work with than sugar because its already dissolved. I like using brown sugar.

George Christidis