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Horta are not just Dandelion Greens

Horta, or Greens, are a healthy staple in any Greek household.  Many people mistake “horta” for dandelion greens, but the truth is that there are dozens of different types of greens that Greeks use that fall into the “horta” category.  Horta are greens.

These greens are simply boiled, cooled, and traditionally eaten topped with olive oil and lemon, and a dash of salt.

Below you will find a list of the most common greens used in Greek cooking and their common name in both Greek and English:

Greens = Horta – Hortah – χόρτα


amaranth-green1    Amaranth big
Amaranth Greens (Green / Red / Slender) = Vlita – Vleetah – βλήτα

dandelion2    greens_dandelion

Dandelion Green = Pikralida – Peekrahleethah – πικραλίδα


Chicory = Radikia – Rahtheekeeah – ραδίκια


Chard_in_the_Victory_Garden     Swiss_chard_in_New_Jersey_in_April
Chard / Swiss Chard = Seskoula – Seskoolah – σέσκουλα


Rumex_acetosa_cultivar_01    sorrel
Wild Sorrel = Agria Oxalida – Ahgreeah Oksahleetha – άγρια οξαλίδα (Used in Spanakpita with Spinach and Leeks)


frisee2-300.preview    Lamb Fricasse with Green Endive by Linda Starr
Curly Endive (Used a lot in fricassee) = Andithia – Andytheeah – αντίδια


radish_easter    10-06-13_radish
Radish Greens (Radishes) = Rapanakia – Rahpahnahkeeah – ραπανάκια


spinach  spinach (1)

Spinach = Spanaki – Spahnahkee – σπανάκι


First beet greens    beet-greens
Beet Greens (beetroot) = Padzaria – Padzahreeah – παντζάρια


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