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Indian Rice – Plain


1 cup long grain rice (basmatti)
1 3/4 cups water
1 teaspoons ghee (or use butter or oil)
1 teaspoons salt


Indian Rice is more of a method rather than ingredients.

Wash rice well and soak for one hour in cold water. Drain in colander while bringing water, ghee and salt to the boil in a heavy saucepan with a well-fitting lid. Add rice, stir and bring quickly to a boil.

Turn heat very low, cover tightly and cook, without lifting lid or stirring, for 20-25 minutes. Lift lid to allow steam to escape for about 5 minutes, then lightly fluff up rice with fork, taking care not to mash the grains, which will be firm, separate and perfectly cooked.

Dish up using a slotted metal spoon rather than a wooden spoon, which will crush the grains. Serve with curries or other spiced dishes.

George Christidis