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Mediterranean Omelette


4-5 beaten egg whites
2 oz feta cheese
2 oz garbanzo beans
2 oz cup finely diced squash
2 oz cup peas

1 tomato

dried mint
salt & pepper


Start with a bit of EVOO in a pan. Saute your squash for a few minutes and then add the garbanzo beans and peas and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

In a separate non-stick pan, heat some EVOO and add your beaten egg whites.  Once they’ve cooked for a minute and have formed a cooked base, add the cooked veggies.  Allow to cook another minute or so and then flip the whole thing and finish cooking for another minute.

Plate the omelette and sprinkle with feta cheese and dried mint.  Serve with sliced tomato topped with olive oil and salt.

George Christidis