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Whole Wheat Turkey Sausage Pasta


2 sweet turkey sausage links (160 calories each)
1 cup whole wheat or organic pasta (200 calories)
3 cloves garlic (30 calories)
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (119 calories)
8 ounces of cut fresh crimini mushrooms (20 calories)
1 cup fresh spinach (42 calories)
1/2 cup sundried tomatoes (45 calories)
1 cup artichoke hearts (60 calories)
Pinch of salt and pepper (0 calories)

Total Calories= 676/338 calories per serving


Saute turkey links in olive oil until brown on med/high heat.
Add chopped fresh garlic, salt and pepper.
Set meat aside and separately boil 2 cups water for pasta.
Cook pasta for 7-8 minutes on high heat and drain.
Turn meat back on medium heat.
Add fresh mushrooms cook for about a minute or two.
Add artichokes, sundried tomatoes and spinach.
Toss all vegetables together for about two minutes and then add pasta.
When spinach is barely wilted turn off heat and serve.

*Add fresh chopped basil for extra flavor and a garnish that adds no extra calories!!!


If you are looking for a great HEALTHY meal for two with a lot of FLAVOR, you’ll love this dish. This is delicious and will make you crave more!!! Even making this entree for a dinner party will keep your guests happy and healthy!

George Christidis