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Tapatillo Chicken & Guacamole


1-2 chicken breasts
1 avocado
1 tomato
1 jalapeño
1 onion
1 small bunch cilantro
1 garlic clove
1 lime
1/2 tsp garlic powder
salt & pepper
1/2 cup hot sauce (Tapatillo, Chulula, etc.)
1 tsp chili powder


Marinate the chicken breast in the hot sauce and chili powder for at least an hour.

Make the avocado salsa by chopping the tomato, onion, garlic clove, and cilantro. You can either add the jalapeno raw by splitting it, taking out the seeds, and mincing it, or you can roast it over an open fire and peal off the skin, take out the seeds, mince and combine. Chop and mash the avocado and mix it with the salsa. Salt and pepper to taste, squeeze in the lime, add the garlic salt, and refrigerate to cool.

Cook the chicken on the barbeque, or in a hot pan. Make sure not to overcook. Plate the chicken and smooth some of the guacamole salsa over the top. Each bite will give you the spicy kick of the chicken with a soothing cool of the avocado. Enjoy!

George Christidis